She's the one, that's what I thought
When our love had just begun
But times have changed
And I'd better go
Because it's gonna be too late
And all my love will turn to hate
You've always known
That music is my life
And I live just for Rock'n'Roll
No one can make me change my mind
Cause I just want to live my life
## Alright don't want me to stay
Alright have it your way
Alright I'm leaving tonight
Alright woman, I'll get out of your sight
You're still the one
But you've shown me
How independent you've become
Don't tell me you need, you need me
To be your ever faithful strong loving man
Don't tell me I'm wrong
I gotta go my way
And you'll see, where I belong
You live your life and I live mine
I bet, you will turn out fine
Repeat ##

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