Well you know it is hard
Being a long time apart
But it's you that I love, don't you see
And when I go away
You say, please stay okay
I want you to stay only with me
Well you know it is hard
All these girls are so smart
And they see me all over the place
Well they phone me at night
Ask me out for a bite
I can see all the lust in their face
All these chicks really know
That next day I will go
And they never will see me again
So when I'm back home
And we both are alone
I can feel all your love and your pain
## Woman, I'm only a man
Do the best that I can as you know
Now you know how I feel
Nothing is real
Well it's hard to say no
When you've done a good show
And they all want you to celebrate
Well I try to refuse
Try to make some excuse
But at this point it's mostly too late
Yeah, I start feeling good
And get in the mood
I'll guess, you'll know what I mean
These chicks are around
It's so hard to keep count
It's like schizophrenic dream
Repeat ##

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